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oops. "gays, grannies and grandes"

I will be remembering the gays, grannies and grandes line.

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! Dead marine throws bash for his friends, in his memory.


A British soldier killed by a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan left $161,500 in his will -- so his friends could go on vacation to Las Vegas, The Sun reported Monday.

Royal Marine David Hart, who had taken out a $403,800 life insurance policy before he was deployed to Afghanistan, stipulated in a letter that in the event of his death, his friends and their partners should travel to Sin City for a massive party in his memory.

"In his letter David said he had had a great life and had no regrets about anything. He always said he would do something like this if something bad happened," friend Andy Hare said. "He said, 'Go and have a good time and spend all this money.'"

Now, one year after 23-year-old Hart's death, 32 friends will fly to Nevada to honor his final wishes.
Hart, a combat medic, also set aside money for his family as well as $80,700 for a charity for wounded Marines.
"He was the best brother I could have wished for," Sarah Hart, 27, told the newspaper. "He was caring, funny and had an infamous grin. He would always be there for you. I'm proud to have been his sister and of his career as a commando."

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Acting strange in the park? You know what to do.

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Cubes says "piss off" with a dispositive motion complete with celebratory photos

2011-06-22 WC Mavs and Radical Mavs Mngt MSJ

This is not your father's softball-baby edition

You know what is better than naming a child Diesel Daigle?

Diesel Dean Daigle. Awesome. Triple D's.

Birthing News

"Superstar Olympian softball queen Jennie Finch and her husband, former major leaguer Casey Daigle, exercised their parental rights recently in announcing the birth of their second child — a son called Diesel Dean Daigle."

It happens

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Father's day awesomeness

You 'member this?


Did you ever get slapped to death? It happens.

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